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I'm Awake

from by Lando Chill



{la la la...}

Merry 420…. it is a wonderful day in the neighborhood

{la la la la la la la la…}

what my soul say?
my soul said i'm awake now
oh my heart, oh my heart
what my heart say?
my heart said i'm awake now
what my mind say?
i’m awake now

i done tussled with the lions,
and buckled the back of thunder,
i dun kicked it south of Zion,
while reefin’ it down under,
i dun swam with the sharks while sippin’ on lemonade,
i can play spades blind without using any spades,
i'm the king of alaska,
blood made from tabasco,
soul be so old the twelve disciples were my pastors

it's like...
i'm the best actor without an Oscar,
i dun met my final destination,
called her Ali Larter,
i dun sat at the round table and wrote a profound fable,
i can make it anywhere i want to go… wanna go...
cause i’m awake now.

{piano do ya work}

i really really wasn't always so pensive,
i never though life got so expensive,
now prolly cause everything is kinda rented…

conjure the lex luthor mentality,
head behind the 8 ball of life's greatest maladies,
i'm clapping for the good guys but rooting for the tragedies,
pass the weed,
i think i amnesied on how to breathe,
peep the gas chillin’,
filled with oxygen,
stick it on the rap game’s face to keep it kickin’ like a dolphin fin,
born in ‘92,
welcome to the new school ice wit a little Wu-Tang juice is always coo


from For Mark, Your Son, released August 12, 2016
produced by D Funk
mixed by Phen
mastered by Eric Morgeson @ Studio A


all rights reserved



Lando Chill Los Angeles, California

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