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The King of Salem

from by Lando Chill




keep it
realer than silicone
For real is never home
Be bottle our melatonin
To barter for better phone
Kick fodder with the thing you call god for a better home
Now piety makes him deaf
so we gotta use megaphones
Quiet as kept for our souls we forever own
I’m Skipping some steps on this highway to martyrdom
Leaving a mark upon heart made of many stone
Maybe ya life would feel right if ya love was strong

We are all just sparrows in a snow storm

Verse 1

They keep us in line,
Stand tall straight spine,
Never mind what you wanna see,
Grind for the papier-mâché, stow ya paper away,
For the day when money no longer matters see,
This is what we buy when we sell us pipe dreams,
Pipe bombs what they buy with the cream from our dreams,
Make schemes of the dead with the head of the state,
Make fiends for the money,
Take means from the hungry,
Shake teens for the funny,
Now we all just sparrows in a snowstorm,
Lost in our selves and our wealth maybe evil be the true form,
Torn between fear for the newborn who skins darker than shoe horn, no shoe in,
We can make it on our own two,
With alley oops from Malcolm, Martin,
and some voodoo from Wakanda,
And still they call my people tribes,
savage or not alive, like we died in chattel bondage?

You aint kill us yet nigga

Said our rights turned jaundice,
Our skin black as onyx,
Our freedom took hostage
while free men paid homage


triple digit deaths every where I step
I can hear shallow breath a dying man from a hallowed set
Hollow points burst from auto tech
Beneath a bed of hearses is where we lay our nations curses


from The Boy Who Spoke To The Wind, released June 23, 2017


all rights reserved



Lando Chill Los Angeles, California

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