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Gospel of the Chill (feat. Runt of Jivin Scientists)

from by Lando Chill

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Verse 1

said I'm Bundy on the beat,
make her deader than some babies,
that happened to be born on a ship made of slavery,
master couldn't lie,
I said Hades the one who saved me,
murked em on the spot
said his soul the one who pays me,
now wavy,
premonitions of people tryna to slay me,
that's just my inner self going crazy,
fate be,
funny and fickle like Norman Bates,
life be speeding by a homie like Haley,
truth be told,
live’s made my mind old,
so so old,
that my thalamus was that of mold,
crazy s*** but I miss the cold,
walking King Drive at night be a little bold,
it's like I play for gold and never metal,
lost ones with their souls disheveled,
may I jumped a level,
read Selassie then became a rebel,
under my feet I like rocks and pebbles
said I like rocks and pebbles

verse 2

I guess I take out my anger,
on things the name Topanga,
at the bottom of the creek is where I put the park ranger,
body decomposed making the stench of death stranger,
as it a sick slaughter happened right up in the manger,
load up the Blue Ranger with things that mellow danger,
a black Fender amp where I plays all of my bangers,
leave your enemies a hangin like some clothes on the line,
or a swinging strange fruit from a noose colored vine,
I wish life waxed the rails before I left on the grind,
and got hit for a lick and broke my proverbial spine,
I guess it's fine it's fine,
I'll make it back in due time,
with a bunch of bad habits like my life's worth of line,
an olive branch of sorts,
see excelling in a sinner’s sport,
occur like Shakur and smoke my ashes is off the nearest port,
pillage the village with blood thicker than oil spillage,
n***** eat the lies and fantasize but won't touch the spinach


from For Mark, Your Son, released August 12, 2016
produced by Jetlag
mixed by Phen
mastered by Eric Morgeson @ Studio A


all rights reserved



Lando Chill Los Angeles, California

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