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"Instead of sampling soul to make hip hop,
we made soul with the mindset of hip hop"
- The Lasso

Lando Chill & The Lasso have a new track filled with gooey synth soul to put you in a euphoric haze as fresh as new love.  Full of vintage keys and drum machines while Lando further hybridizes his sound.  2018 has a new nova.


i said
fuck with a nigga like me
i'm like no other
be my lover, baby
be my lover

i said
fuck with a nigga like me
i'm like no other
be my lover, baby
be my lover

I'm broken hearted
soul departed this afternoon
I'm leaving soon
not meant to live among these walking tombs
I miss the moon and it's gaze
start dust light the way through this haze
death's a maze and we've almost won
life's a game til we see the sun
see the sun
see the sun
the curtain calls
our bodies fall asunder
still the memory remains in wonder
love to pain is rain to thunder


coffee shops with the lonely
do you really wanna know me
we protect our hearts
but baby just light that spark
just cause you can't own me
don't make this love phony
no, no
what we make today is every day
it's every day
it's every day
what I'd give
what love is
what I gotta do
what I wish I'd be on
maybe it hurts to love
maybe I ask a lot
maybe it ends with what I got to prove to make you mine

Chorus x 2


from māyā. maia. mayu, track released December 12, 2017
produced by The Lasso
vocals by Lando Chill
guest vocals by Maya Vera
bass by Chris "Deep Greasy" Pierce

photo by Maya Vera
art by Lando Chill & Maya Vera

Mello Music Group, 2017-2018


all rights reserved



Lando Chill Los Angeles, California

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