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Verse 1

You see I’m the ,
son of Aphrodite,
While ya heart stay cold ,
life ambush ya soul,
Burn ya body just to spite thee,
Conjure up the jealous while my legion stands beside me
I’m mockin’ all the trends yall created over night see
I remove the third eye from the motherfuckers who claim they got the sight b
Split ya major veins for the hype beast,
Fitchu with some reins,
guide you where your left and right be,
O these limbs for the savoir,
Sweep you back home to the source that had made ya ,
Laid ya,
Spine broke down like the league does the raiders,
Even as a kid,
Zelus been ya neighbor
Sittin’, reclined, in the back of yo mind,
When life ain’t really tryna pay ya,
Believe in the zeal of the green,
For the blood of your dream,
Lies on Eros’ wings,
That shall fade into vapor.

Verse 2

See the
rigor of the mortis
Death can afford us,
when life tryna short us
Pain for the porous
When peter tryna sort us
Orders from niggas tryna lord us
Brain shuts down like a cordless
Nerves tryna surf but they board-less
Hand grasps air like a sword-less
Bloodstream sing like a chorus
Sing like that chorus baby

Upon these thrones lie I sit,
High above those who’s society has deemed to be greater stepping stones than human beings my nigga


Every breathe you take is a step toward death
Every breathe you take
Every step you fake
Every lesson paid be a penny for death
See the hearse be the purse where them spent sould swept


but even my friends aint for us
Gore us
We be the bull to they tourist
No last words like your heart sing that chorus
No last words let your heart sing that chorus

Now even my friends ain’t for us,
We be the Screech to they Morris
No last words like your heart sing that chorus
No last words let your heart sing that…


from The Boy Who Spoke To The Wind, released June 23, 2017


all rights reserved



Lando Chill Los Angeles, California

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